My favorite wedding stories

I have worked several weddings where I'll be standing at the alter, camera in hand waiting for the bride to come down the aisle. As soon as she appears I quickly snap the shot (or shots) I need then I always want to catch a peek at the groom. If the groom is standing there all teary eyed with a big smile on his face that does it for me. I start getting emotional when I see an emotional man because you can literally feel how happy he is and how much he loves his bride in that moment. That, to me, is the absolute best feeling.

Some of my favorite venues

  • The Magnolia Venue - TN
  • The Trillium Venue - TN
  • Whitestone Inn - TN
  • Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farms - TN
  • Sycamore Mansion - TN
  • Flying Horse View Cabin - TN
  • Bluff Mountain Inn - TN
  • Skyview Rentals, LLC Higher Power - TN
  • Paint Rock Farm - NC
  • Magnolia Mule Barn - GA