meet the person behind the lens

Haley Roksandich

Wedding Photographer

Haley is a licensed, traveling photographer who specializes in weddings, elopements and engagements. Based near Knoxville, TN, Haley services the Great Smoky Mountains and all surrounding areas. With over 100 weddings shot, she has photographed in multiple states including Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. She has dedicated thousands of hours to perfecting her craft in high end wedding photography all while raising her three small children.

How I got started

I found my love for photography when I purchased my first DSLR camera in 2010. I first started taking pictures just for myself and was almost immediately asked to take pictures for other people. I now have 14 years of experience and have worked very hard to get to where I am today. I would classify my style as soft, bright and romantic. I specialize in weddings and engagements but also love portrait and lifestyle photography.

Other Services

Though my passion is by far wedding photography, I also offer other services such as logo and brand design, one-on-one photography education, photoshoot styling, prop and client closet rentals and brand representing. Please message me for more details on other services.

Your wedding is all about you, your family and dear friends. Be your true self. Show your fun, quirky personality. Do the things that make you happy. Laugh loudly. Kiss slowly. Hug tightly.

I'll be there to capture it all and help you save these beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Meet My Team!

Throughout my 10+ years of being a photographer, I've met some pretty amazing women along the way. These women crossed paths with me through all walks of my life from being a school photographer, to a photographer in an Old Time studio to running my own wedding photographer business. These are the women I trust to work by my side and closely with my clients. Get to know them here!

Hanna Krueger

Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas

In a world full of distractions, I think it's easy to miss the little things that truly make life beautiful. As a photographer, my goal is to capture these unnoticed moments and turn them into art.

Lanie Deel

Nashville, TN and surrounding areas

My approach to wedding photography is rooted in storytelling, blending classic and contemporary styles to capture the essence of your unique love story. 

Denny Ramirez

Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas

Consider me your personal hype girl, armed with a camera and a contagious smile.​