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Mother's Day 2023 was one lucky day for me! Not only was I lucky enough to spend the day with my 3 beautiful babies and my mom and step-dad, I ended up winning the grand prize in a raffle at my boyfriend's church. A $500 gift card for Airbnb and $400 worth of food and gas gift cards!! We already had a trip to Disney World planned for the kids and the majority of that money with to our Disney trip. But what would I do with the money that I didn't spend at Disney? Well, New Orleans was always on my bucket list!

The Search

I knew that one thing I wanted to do while I was in New Orleans was to find a couple I could photograph in the French Quarters so I started my search online. I posted in several Facebook groups searching for the perfect couple. Then one day, Jessica commented on my post stating they would be in town.

Jessica & Aaron

Jessica and Aaron were coming to New Orleans from California for the Saints game. They had been to New Orleans several times before but hadn't had professional pictures taken there. So when Jessica saw my post, she was all on board.

Photoshoot Time

We started on Royal Street around the courthouse and just made our way around finding whatever bright, colorful buildings and small alleyways we could for the perfect photos. The feels like temperature that day was 115 degrees in the Big Easy but they didn't complain about the heat at all. They truly were a joy to work with and I'm so glad to have met them!

See their full gallery at the link below.

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